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How To Get A VA Loan With A 580 Credit Score

The VA home loan benefit makes owning a home possible for Veterans, active service members and surviving spouses. Unlike conventional loans, The Department of Veterans Affairs doesn’t require a specific credit score…

Can A Surviving Spouse Get A VA Loan

We are often asked, can a surviving spouse get a VA loan. The answer is yes. This is because the department of veterans affairs allows the extension of the VA home loan benefit to surviving military spouses. The VA home loan…

VA Home Loans For Disabled Veterans

For veterans, VA home loans are available to make home ownership possible. And extra VA loan benefits are available to veterans who have a military service-related disability. Whether you’re looking to buy a new home or refinance your…

Female Veterans and HomeOwnership

Female Veterans and HomeOwnership

Female veterans who are single mothers face even greater obstacles because of financial constraints and limited resources. However difficult it may seem though.