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VA Agricultural Lending

If you are a Veteran farmer or rancher then welcome, you’re in the right place. HomePromise helps when other lenders can’t. We offer more than one agricultural lending option for Veterans. Keep scrolling to learn more about the types of loans we close.

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VA Agricultural Lending Options

Agricultural & Farming Operations

Some VA lenders will have a problem even if there is no farming income but the property looks like a farm.  If they see livestock or a vineyard or a crop growing, they will consider the home a farm and turn down a VA farm loan. A horse or equestrian property could also be cause for denial because of buildings on the property for riding and horse boarding.

Why Do You Need A VA lender That Treats VA Farms Like Other Homes?

Since farming income is a barrier to getting a VA loan with most lenders, you need a VA lender that treats VA farms like any other home. HomePromise is just such a VA lender with an unconventional approach to  VA loans. Keep scrolling to learn more about the types of VA agricultural loans we provide.

VA Horse and home loan

VA Horse & Home Loans

 Some lenders don’t permit Equestrian (or Equine) VA Loans. These properties are too unique for them.  The VA guidelines don’t prohibit making loans to Equestrian properties so if you’ve been denied, don’t give up!  Not all VA lenders are the same.

The VA guidelines permit lending on Horse and Home properties, so a VA loan may be is possible.  Call HomePromise to speak with our VA Agricultural Lending Experts today!

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VA Cattle or Dairy Farm Loans

A Cattle Farm VA loan or Dairy Farm is a loan on a property that is used by the homeowners to raise cows or steers. These types of homes often have larger acreage fenced as pasture and buildings designed as stables or to support farming operations.

Most VA lenders won’t permit livestock farming on the property but that is not the case with HomePromise. 

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Other VA Farm Loans

In some cases, VA lenders will consider a house to be a farm even if there is no farm income earned because the physical characteristics of the home make it look like a farm.  But even if a home doesn’t look like a farm, if a Veteran has farm income then most VA lenders will deny the Veterans application for a VA loan.

That’s right, just because the Veteran received farm income they will deny the loan – even if the farm income is just a few hundred dollars a year!  HomePromise doesn’t do that to Veterans.

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Rural Home Loans

Sometimes it’s hard getting a VA loan on a rural property even if there is no agricultural activity.  As with agricultural lending, rural VA home loans are possible with us. Even without cattle or horses, Veterans may choose to live in rural America enjoying the scenic beauty and peace of nature. Give us a call to see if you qualify for a rural VA loan.  Applying with HomePromise is always easy and free.

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