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Apply For A VA Loan With Low Credit Scores

If you’ve been denied for a low credit score VA loan, give us a call. While having a low credit score may be tough for most VA lenders, there is hope with HomePromise. You may have been turned down before, but don’t give up.

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How Credit Scores Affect VA Loans

 All of your debt and credit history information at the credit bureaus is put into an equation to come up with a credit score. A lower score means you have more problems with your credit history. A low credit score can be hard to handle for many VA lenders. But, not all VA lenders deny Veterans with low credit scores. It is possible to get approved for a VA loan with bad credit.

Can You Get A VA Loan With A Low Credit Score?

Some Veterans think they will never qualify for a VA loan due to a low credit score. It is true that most lenders want to see a minimum FICO score of 640 before approving VA loans.  HomePromise is a VA lender that has approved lower credit score VA loans and will continue to do so.

What’s The Minimum Credit Score Required For Approval?

The VA doesn’t have a minimum credit score requirement. VA lenders set their own minimum requirements for approval. For more information about getting a VA loan approved with a lower credit score call 800-720-0250 to speak with a VA Loan & Refinancing Expert with HomePromise.

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“My mother recently had a refinance with HomePromise. The process was easy for her (and I) to follow. The loan representative, Chris Gaus was very helpful and responsive for the entire process and explained everything. I would definitely recommend this company.”

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