What are the Rules on a VA Loan for Disabled Veterans?

How do I qualify for a VA loan as a disabled veteran? Are disabled veterans able to waive the VA funding fee? Does my disability compensation count toward my income? When trying to understand VA loans and the additional benefits they offer disabled veterans, you don’t have to work through it alone. At HomePromise, our VA loan experts are professionally trained to answer your questions, listen to you, and help you make informed financial decisions.

Qualifying for a VA Loan as a Disabled Veteran

Your VA disability rating does not hurt your ability to qualify for a VA home loan. Applying for a VA home loan as a disabled veteran means you will have access to additional money-saving benefits, even if you have a low credit score.

Before becoming eligible for VA loans and the additional benefits they provide, veterans have to meet certain service requirements.  Veterans must meet the below criteria before applying for a VA loan:

Active Service During Wartime Served for 90 consecutive days
Active Service During Peacetime Served for 181 days
National Guard Served more than 6 years

In addition to meeting certain service requirements before being able to apply for VA loans, disabled veterans must also meet specific financial requirements. One of these financial requirements is to have a reliable source of income that is expected to continue. As a disabled veteran, your disability compensation is considered expected to continue since it is a lifetime benefit. This means it counts as income when applying for a VA loan. Being able to put your disability compensation toward your income may help you meet income requirements when applying for VA loans.

Determining your eligibility for VA loans can be complicated. At HomePromise, our VA home loan professionals offer expert guidance on these difficult financial topics. In order to have your questions about VA loans answered and to receive a free quote, contact us today at 800-720-0250.

VA Form 26-1880 and Applying for a Certificate of Eligibility COE

When applying for VA loans, lenders will ask for your Certificate of Eligibility, commonly referred to as COE. This is the most common form of documentation lenders will require from you in order to proceed with your VA home loan.

The VA Form 26-1880 is the document that you must fill out in order to apply for your Certificate of Eligibility. Call our HomePromise VA loan experts at 800-720-0250 and we will submit your completed VA Form 26-1880 to the VA and often get your Certificate of Eligibility instantly.

Are Disabled Veterans Exempt from the VA Funding Fee? 

Yes, disabled veterans who receive VA disability compensation are exempt from the VA funding fee. Surviving spouses of veterans who passed away in action or from injuries sustained during military service are also exempt from the VA funding fee.  Lastly, active-duty service members who have received a Purple Heart are also exempt from the VA funding fee. If you are currently receiving disability benefits, you have the ability to waive the VA funding fee regardless of your level of disability.

If you close on your VA loan before you start receiving disability benefits, you may still be eligible to have your VA funding fee refunded back to you if you were in the middle of applying for disability at the time. But, you have to get your disability determination within a few months after closing on your loan to qualify to get your VA funding fee refunded.  Whether refinancing or purchasing a home, not having to pay the VA funding fee can help disabled veterans save thousands of dollars in closing costs.

The VA funding fee can range from 1.4% to 3.6% of the total loan amount depending on your down payment and whether this is your first time using this benefit. The below chart explains how the VA funding fee is calculated:

First-Time VA Loan User After First Use of the VA Loan Down Payment Amount
2.3% 3.6% Less than 5%, including no down payment
1.65% 1.65% 5% or more
1.4% 1.4% 10% or more

VA Home Loan Benefits for Disabled Veterans

VA loans offer veterans a variety of benefits, including options for approval of applications with lower credit scores, competitive interest rates, no monthly mortgage insurance, no money down, and VA-mandated limits on closing costs. VA loan benefits are available for eligible veterans for life. They are not one-time benefits.

In addition to these money-saving benefits, disabled veterans are eligible to receive additional benefits when applying for a VA home loan. These benefits include exemption from the VA funding fee, special housing grants, real estate property tax exemptions, and disability compensation benefits.

The special housing grants that are available to disabled veterans can help cover the cost of purchasing, building, or renovating a home to meet the needs of their disability. Two grants that offer disabled veterans a 100% service-connected disability rating from the VA are the Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) and the Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grant.

If you are not eligible for either of these grants that are available to disabled veterans, a VA refinance might be another option for you. If the work you need to be done on your home is more expensive than the grant will allow, a VA refinance might help you cover these costs. To speak with a VA loan expert and learn more about a VA refinance, call HomePromise at 800-720-0250. Our VA loan professionals are specially trained to be able to discuss the benefits available to disabled veterans when applying for VA home loans. We will listen to you, answer your questions, and quickly provide you with a free quote.


At HomePromise, we help make it easier for veterans and their families to apply for VA loans, whether online or over the phone. We’ll never prevent you from speaking directly with our VA home loan experts. We work to make the process of applying for VA loans as easy and fast as possible, even when your situation is unique. HomePromise is an approved lender with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to provide VA home loans.

Looking to apply for a VA home loan? HomePromise is here to help you. Contact us today at 800-720-0250 to receive a free quote from one of our experts. 

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