Getting A VA Loan With No Credit History

Are you a veteran or active-duty service member looking to buy a home, but have no credit history? The VA loan program is an excellent option for those who have served our country and are seeking homeownership. However, many may think that having no credit history disqualifies them from a VA loan.

This blog post will explore how to get a VA loan with no credit history. We will also provide tips for successfully applying.

VA loans can help you achieve your homeownership dreams. Starting or rebuilding your credit? This article explains how VA lenders review credit history.

What are the Benefits of VA Mortgages?

VA loans are a type of mortgage loan that is available to veterans and active-duty service members. The VA guarantees the loan. This reduces lenders’ risk, making them more likely to approve it. 

VA loan programs often require no down payment. This makes them much more attractive to military members and veterans who may have limited access to cash. Additionally, there is no monthly private mortgage insurance (PMI) requirement with these types of loans.

Another advantage is that VA loans typically have lower interest rates compared to conventional loans. This may save you thousands over the course of your loan repayment period.

It’s important to note though; just because you’re eligible for a VA loan doesn’t mean you’re automatically approved. You still need to meet certain credit requirements and provide proof of income and assets.

VA loans offer many benefits to veterans and active-duty service members. You don’t need any down payment for VA loans and you don’t even need a traditional credit history. For these reasons, VA loans are often easier to get than Conventional loans.

What Are The VA Loan Credit Score Requirements?

Your credit score is calculated based on your credit report and payment history. Higher credit scores are better than lower scores. Your credit score goes down when you have late payment, collections or other derogatory credit.

One of the primary factors that lenders consider when reviewing a borrower’s credit history is your credit score. Generally, most VA lenders prefer applicants with a minimum credit score of 620 or even 640. But, HomePromise has approved VA loans with a 580 credit score.

HomePromise will work to find ways to approve you even if you have a low credit score. We will analyze your borrowing behavior over time. We will evaluate any negative events and review your explanations for those negative events to see if approval is possible.

It’s important to note that the Department of Veterans Affairs does not have minimum credit score requirements. But, most lenders set their own VA loan credit score requirements. Ultimately, it is the lender who decides if you qualify.

HomePromise will consider your entire financial picture, unlike some VA lenders. These lenders often require a minimum credit score of 640 or 620. 

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Can I Get A VA Loan with No Credit Score?

Having a good credit history is important when applying for a VA home loan. It is most often the determining factor in one’s eligibility. Other determining factors are higher credit scores and showing proof of income over the last 12 months.

But, if you have no credit history, it does not mean you are disqualified from getting a VA loan. You may still be eligible with HomePromise.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) understands that some veterans may struggle to build their credit. This can be due to deployments or a desire to avoid getting in debt. Many military members and veterans find it tough to get approved for credit cards during their duty.

The VA offers different options for those applying for a VA loan. This includes those with no established credit history. But, some VA lenders restrict these kinds of VA loans and will turn veterans down with no credit history.

If you have no credit history, it may seem like getting a VA loan is impossible. But, HomePromise has credit review techniques that are designed to get around the barrier of having no credit history.

Obtaining a VA loan without any established credit is possible. It may require extra effort and creativity.

Smart planning and preparation are key. The VA loan experts at HomePromise can guide you through the process. Call today at 800-720-0250.

No Credit History VA Loans Are Possible With HomePromise

Individuals with no credit history do have an option. They can provide what is known as an alternative financial record (or history), such as rent payments or utility bills. This is a valid way to show your VA lender proof of a financial history.

These documents demonstrate your financial reliability – they show you are capable of paying off debts on time. This reassures VA lenders. This is the kind of proof you need to qualify for a VA loan with no credit history.

Another option worth considering is getting a non-veteran co-borrower who has established a strong credit history. This individual will take joint responsibility with you when paying off the debt and serve as proof of your financial reliability.

Having no credit history can seem risky to lenders. However, HomePromise does not always view it that way.

HomePromise can help you navigate the VA loan application process. This can boost your confidence when applying for a VA loan with bad credit or no credit.

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Tips For When Applying For A VA Loan with No Credit History

By calling HomePromise, you can successfully apply for a VA loan even with no credit history. However, there are some additional tips to keep in mind during the application process:

Have an explanation ready for why you have no credit history. We will want to know the reason. Ensure that you are prepared to provide an explanation for your situation.

Consider getting a co-signer: If possible, consider finding someone who is willing to co-sign on your loan. Having a co-signer with good credit can increase your chances of approval and help you get better loan terms.

Do not apply for multiple loans simultaneously. This can lower your chances of approval and negatively impact your future credit score. Stick with HomePromise and make sure you meet all their requirements before submitting an application.

If you’re approved for a VA loan with no credit history, focus on building your credit through your new VA loan. Be careful with any other new credit and make payments on time.

Getting a VA loan with no credit history may require effort. However, it is worth the effort because it means owning your dream home without worrying about large down payments or PMI.

Use these tips to prepare for the HomePromise application process. This will bring you one step closer to homeownership. Call today at 800-720-0250.

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