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No-Income Loans With HomePromise

In most cases, No-Income Loans for a home are available when you are between jobs. For example, independent contractors may be experiencing a gap between jobs. Or perhaps you retired early and have lots of assets but not much income. These are just a few examples. The last place you want to be financially is not being able to prove you have income when in need of a mortgage. But never give up because there are many ways to prove your ability to make the payments needed for your home loan.

Most lenders deny these types of loans because they do not want to risk lending money that won’t get paid back. A lender’s concern is that you don’t have a stable long-term income source.  The knee-jerk reaction of most lenders is to deny your loan.

But No-Income Loans may be available from HomePromise. Our process begins by providing a quick application process. No-Income Loans are also possible for retirees who have lots of assets but a small amount of fixed income. From start to finish, the application process is simple and free, so give us a call today at 800-720-0250.

How Does A No-Income Loan For A Home Work?

At some point in your life there may come a time when you have no income but need to take out a loan. This situation is where No-Income Loans can help. And yes, they are possible with us.

Most lenders will require proof of income before they will lend you money. However, a No-Income Loan Program is a solution that some lenders like HomePromise may offer if you prove you have an alternative way to pay off the debt.

How To Qualify For A No Income Loan With Us

Getting a No-Income Loan depends on proving you have the ability to repay the loan back through non-traditional means. No-Income Loans require an alternative way of showing this ability. In addition to your credit history, here are several other ways you can indicate your ability to repay the debt.

How To Obtain A No Income Loan With HomePromise

With the right alternatives proving your ability to repay the loan, a loan approval with us is possible. So call us today since your situation is unique. We are more than willing to help you through the entire process from start to finish.

  • Balances in Retirement Accounts
  • Child Support or Alimony Income
  • Seasonal Unemployment Benefits
  • Disability Income
  • Veterans Administration (VA) Benefits
  • Royalty Payments
  • Dividend, Interest or Other Investment Income

I just want to thank you very much for your work to help us refinance our loans. I know you had to do so much work for us and we really appreciate it. If I know anyone who wants to buy a home or refinance I will do my best to refer you to them. Again, thank you very much.

Mary - Hanover, PA

This company out did themselves in my expectations. They were not pushy; they waited on me and kept contact with me even when I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to refinance. I had a wonderful experience and highly recommend them for your next mortgage needs!

Paul - Waynesboro, PA

My mother recently had a refinance with HomePromise. The process was easy for her (and I) to follow. The loan representative was very helpful and responsive for the entire process and explained everything. I would definitely recommend this company.

Dorothy - San Diego, CA

I am a Veteran and they helped me understand the best options with my VA loan. They were great all through the process. I will definitely be telling others about Home Promise.

Jeff - Richmond, VA

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