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Can a Low Credit Score Hurt my VA Loan Approval?

Credit scores are calculated using a complicated equation using your history of paying your debts.  A low credit score is usually because you had problems paying credit cards, auto loans, student loans or mortgages in the past.  If you have a lower credit score that means that your credit history has problems when the credit bureaus compare your credit history with others in the US.  The problem with a low credit score is that is that many lenders will turn you down for a VA loan.  But, that’s not true for all VA lenders.

Is it Possible to get a VA loan with a 590 credit score?

Some Veterans who honorably served their country get very discouraged and think they will never qualify for a VA loan because of a 590 credit score. While it’s true that many VA lenders want to see your credit score at 640 or higher, there are some lenders like HomePromise that will consider credit score as low as 590 or even lower.  So, it’s a good idea to talk to one of our VA lending experts to see if we can help at 800-720-0250.

What Is the Lowest Credit Score Possible for a VA loan?

The US Department of Veterans Affairs doesn’t require a particular credit score for VA loan approval.  VA lenders make up their particular requirements for credit scores and some VA lenders have credit score minimums of 640, 660 or even higher. If your credit score right now is 590 or even lower, call us to see if you can get approved at 800-720-0250.  You won’t regret speaking with a VA Loan & Refinancing Expert with HomePromise today.

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